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Welcome to the Archive for the New GMS Daily Photoblog. These are the archived photos of current Great ModelShowcase models who appeared on the original GMS Photoblog between September, 2012 and March, 2013. Visit the New GMS Daily Photoblog to see the latest photos, video and other entertaining content featuring the models of The Great Model Showcase. You'll find all new photos. video features and soon you'll be able to interact directly with the models.

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Light and shadow, that's all the camera knows. Cameras don't know if they are pointed at a woman, a bug, or a tree. To the camera, its all just millions of tiny pixels, each depicting eight even tinier bits of light and shadow collected through a lens. What adds life to a photo and what makes the photo interesting is a compelling subject and a photographer who can push light and shadow across the subject in stimulating and intriguing ways. GMS model, Lovell more than does her part to add excitement and passion to this shot. The black on black theme, fetish attire and dramatic backlighting through her beautiful hair complete a captivating and engrossing presentation. There's a lot of story here, so spend some time with this photo. And be sure to spend some time with Lovell at Mature Magic, Sunday, March 24 in Costa Mesa. I've heard rumors she might wear this outfit to the After Party, but you can ask her about that.