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Welcome to the Archive for the New GMS Daily Photoblog. These are the archived photos of current Great ModelShowcase models who appeared on the original GMS Photoblog between September, 2012 and March, 2013. Visit the New GMS Daily Photoblog to see the latest photos, video and other entertaining content featuring the models of The Great Model Showcase. You'll find all new photos. video features and soon you'll be able to interact directly with the models.

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In French, GMS model, Chat du Noir literally means The Black Cat". She is certainly sleek, sensuous, and cuddly, and you have to believe me nobody puts like our Chat. But she is a city cat to be sure as this spectacular photo of Chat fronting the Los Angeles city skyline attests. Chat is a truly natural wonder who's talents match her beauty. A talented designer, she has done outfits for musical and entertainment groups for years and has her own designer label.